Sunday, February 20, 2011


Just a quick update to those who follow me online, I've recently made a switch from PHD to shadowcleave with very good results. The amount of survivabiliy/cc/pressure shadowcleave can output is much higher than PHD. At 2100 in a night, will see where this takes me.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Deaths Advance

Now recently blizzard gave us a new talent called death's advance and it reads like this:
While your Unholy Runes are both depleted, movement-impairing effects may not reduce you below 100% of normal movement speed. 
Two days after giving us this talent they nerfed it to a 75% move speed. Even with this nerf i am very happy with where this talent puts us for mobility. Out running rogues, warriors, other dks and ret paladins makes this talent very useful. Our damage although nerfed too recently seems just fine for pvp and we should still hold our own in pvp. Just a little thought for the day.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hotfix for 3.0.6

Just a day after the patch that smacked unholy dks in the face we come across more changes, i guess blizzard wasn't done with pushing us down the charts.

DC down another 5% and pet damage down another 20% across the board, at this rate we may hit like ret pallies. At least the mastery change has made mastery better than crit for us, making it the second best secondary stat next to haste once hit capped. Stay tuned, i'm sure blizzard is going to change some more.