Sunday, January 23, 2011


Official launch of the PVP Deathknight blog!

First post will be stats to get for your unholy DK.

Strength - Always top for dps.
Hit - Are you 5% capped?
Haste - The next best stat out there.
Crit - Not the greatest (reforge to haste unless you need more hit)
Resilience - This should be your choice above all other ratings since its only from pvp gear and can't be reforged.  With the way dks are being nerfed with the next patch i would get as much as this as you can, because a dead dk is no dps at all.

For gemming i would go mostly strength as you get the most bang for your buck there. Strength/Haste is a good choice for yellow sockets if the bonus is worth getting (strength or resilience). For your blue sockets gem Spell Penetration. You need 195 to be capped, so 4 50 spell pen gems will get you capped (3 with cloak enchant work too, more on that later).

I'll put up a enchant list and BiS list for your pvp needs later on.


  1. Oh nice blog, i aswell have a death knight who's unholy most of the time. But i don't pvp much anymore because of not having enough time.

  2. while I agree with the basics (strength, resilience, etc, I strongly disagree on your point about the hit, as far as I know, the hit cap is 8%, though it *might* be lowered with talents, I am fairly sure you need to cap 8% in your character screen, apart from that, it seems interesting, following.

  3. 8% is the pve hit cap for enemies 3 levels higher than you. 5% is same level, so level 85, which is pvp.

  4. whats the hit cap for a feral druid

  5. this remember me of my pvp time in season 2-4. looking forward to hear some basics about a dk

  6. Feral druid hit cap is 5% as well. I haven't played one since 70, but all melee share this cap. Casters only need 4%. Which is shared with dks for their spells.

  7. No idea what this game is but it sounds really neat

  8. Dont know this game yet, might check it out :-)